Complaints Procedure

Hayfield is dedicated to providing homes and service of the highest standard. We work hard to resolve any issues our customers bring to our attention. In the unlikely event that you have a concern or are dissatisfied in any way, we will do our best to resolve your issue in a fair and transparent way. 

We will investigate all complaints impartially and in a timely manner, taking all relevant factors into account for a fair outcome.

If you wish to raise a complaint, please email us at

Please note that all complaints must be in writing and emailed to the above address.
Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days.


Your complaint will be investigated by a manager and you will receive a response within 5 working days from the date of your complaint being acknowledged.


If you are not happy with the response at Stage 1 you can escalate your complaint to be reviewed by a Department Head, according to the nature of your complaint. You will receive a response within 5 working days.


We sincerely hope that your complaint will not escalate to Stage 3, however if you remain dissatisfied with the level of service you have received, your complaint will be reviewed by a Senior Director. A final response will be issued within 10 working days.


If you are dissatisfied with our final response and require further clarification or support, you can contact the National House Building Council (NHBC), which offers a resolution service.