A Day in the Life with Hayfield Homes

Steve Garrison, Assistant Site Manager at Hayfield Views in Great Bourton

Steve Garrison is Assistant Site Manager at Hayfield Views in Great Bourton, the Hayfield Homes' latest collection of new homes. Steve reveals how he and his team contribute towards delivering the high-quality new homes Hayfield is quickly becoming renowned for.

Steve’s Story

“I was attracted to working for a brand-new company with original ideas and a fresh approach. Once I’d had a look at Hayfield Homes’ first site (Hayfield Chase in Tiddington) I could tell straight away they were going to do things differently than your typical housebuilder.

It’s been a real pleasure being part of Hayfield Homes so far – I’d say one of the biggest positives is the great rapport we have on site across all of the teams. We also champion energy-saving technologies and practices for purchasers, and put a lot of thought into our designs and specifications. It’s things like this, putting the homeowner first, that gives us the passion to put in 100% every day.”

Life on Site

7.30am “I arrive on site bright and early and set to work checking all of the scaffolding erected for that day’s work. This is obviously an extremely important job as our worker’s safety is paramount, so a lot of time and care and attention goes into this.”

8.15am “Once the scaffolding is signed off, it’s my job to make sure all trades are in the correct positions, fully briefed. This involves a lot of moving parts, with a vast range of trades on site working around each other including; carpenters, plumbers, electricians, ground workers, bricklayers, kitchen fitters, tilers – the list goes on. It’s vital to stay on top of deadlines, so we ensure our workers know exactly where they’re going and what they’re doing at all times.”

9am “Throughout the day I keep in touch with Hayfield Homes’ HQ and the Site Manager to check the accuracy of the work being carried out, keeping it in line with the technical drawings and NHBC standards/regulations. I’ll also continually analyse the conditions of the work, maintain the tidiness of the site, and I am on call for any issues that may arise. It’s an exciting environment to work in – we’re all always learning and tackling new issues.”

1pm-1.30pm “We will have worked up a healthy appetite by now, so it’s down tools for a quick lunch break and a cup of tea.”

3.30pm “Before the end of the day, I am responsible for inspecting the materials that will be used for the next day’s work so that we can start the next day smoothly. This is a thorough task as we pride ourselves on the quality of our homes and the materials that go into them.”

5pm “Once myself and the Site Manager are happy with the day’s work and the preparation for the next day, we lock up and leave, ready to start again tomorrow.”

Hayfield Views is a collection of 2-5 bedroom new homes on the edge of Great Bourton, a rural village close to Banbury. To find out more information, contact the marketing suite on 08450524763 or email hayfieldviews@hayfieldhomes.co.uk.   

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