House Hunters and The West Midlands Property Pull

The Midlands pull on house hunters ramped up last year and its allure is continuing, with housebuilders and estate agents reporting boosted activity - affirmed in recent figures from the Office for National Statistics.

With the London housing market weakening while the Midlands’ strengthens month on month, more people are choosing the West Midlands to lay down their roots. The Office for National Statistics released their House Price Index Report at the end of March, which revealed a growth of 5.3% for the West Midlands in the year to January 2018, compared with just 2.1% in London.  

One such housebuilder flourishing with this heightened regional activity is Hayfield Homes, who have brought a collection of new homes to the village of Tiddington, a couple of miles from Stratford-upon-Avon town centre. The development, Hayfield Chase, has seen quick and consistent sales success, with a record of 5 homes reserved off plan in one week.

Sales and Marketing Director Kelly Sharman reflects on the positive reception of Hayfield Chase with purchasers; “We are pleased to be meeting the demand for new homes in the West Midlands and that activity has remained high since the launch of Hayfield Chase. We’re encouraged with the recent ONS figures that the remaining new homes will continue to be attractive to buyers, especially due to their picturesque spot in Tiddington, and our high standards for well-designed, quality homes with contemporary interiors."

There is still a chance to buy at Hayfield Chase, where only the last plots of certain house types remain. For more information, please call 0845 051 0137 or email 

Hayfield Chase, Tiddington

Hayfield Chase, Tiddington

Philippa Smithers