New residents are smitten with Hayfields in Southmoor

Dawn Barlow

Dawn Barlow and her husband Steve are the latest residents to join the flourishing new community at Hayfields in Southmoor, the collection of 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom new homes.

Dawn explains how she discovered Hayfields, and what it was about these new homes that won them over, “We lived 5 miles away and wanted to move because of the size of our current home. We were overlooked and there wasn’t enough parking space for us, even for my small car, so we both felt it was time for a more spacious environment.  

“We drove around the area looking for options, and when we passed Hayfields, it was the site layout that initially enticed us in. The show home is so impressive. We thought it was gorgeous and the quality was outstanding - we wanted to leave everything we owned behind and just move in there!

“The home we are now settling into has everything we were looking for and more. We love the amenities Hayfield has provided, like the wine fridge, the Hammonds fitted wardrobes, the quality of the cabinetry and the designer Bosch appliances - it’s certainly a step up from our previous house.

“The Sales Team at Hayfield were excellent too. We had a lovely gift hamper waiting for us on moving day, and they gave us an in-depth home demo and were happy to answer any questions we had. You always get a degree of snagging with a new build, but Hayfield addressed any issues very quickly. The handyman was a real help as well, who assisted us around the house after we’d moved in!”  

To find out more about the homes at Hayfields in Southmoor, please visit the show home, open daily from 10am-5pm, call 0845 052 4764.

Philippa Smithers