Spring Statement Reaction from Hayfield

March 23, 2022

Mark Booth, co-founder of award-winning housebuilder Hayfield – which is already installing air source heat pumps in its new homes – said:

“With the pressing need to address the energy crisis, the announced  0% VAT on energy saving materials, such as solar panels or heat pumps – is a positive step in gearing up our country’s homes for a net zero future, particularly when you consider that homes are currently responsible for 20% of UK emissions.

“Hayfield began trialling air source heat pumps on selected schemes from 2018. In 2020, we made the decision to install them into all upcoming developments. Making heat pump adoption more accessible to all households is just one small but nonetheless crucial part of tackling mounting fuel costs. While their use is now second nature to my team, in order to achieve widescale adoption the country will require broad support from government, energy firms, developers and households, as well as a consumer awareness drive."