Budget 2021 Reaction from Hayfield

March 4, 2021

Mark Booth, Managing Director of five-star homebuilder Hayfield said: “It is pleasing to hear that properties under £500,000 will continue to be exempt from Stamp Duty until the end of June. So many property transactions have experienced unforeseen delays due to the pandemic, so this is very welcome news and will alleviate the stress so many have been experiencing.

“The introduction of Government guarantees for lenders who offer 95% mortgage products to those buying a home under £600,000 will be a big financial help to lots of people who are looking to move onto or up the property ladder. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen everyone spend more time at home than ever before. Moving to a beautiful new home with modern living space, purpose-designed work space and easy access to the great outdoors will now be within the affordability of more buyers. This is particularly the case for renters who can be trapped paying high monthly rental payments, which makes saving for a deposit very challenging.

“We were also encouraged by the Chancellor’s climate change measures, as protecting our planet for future generations is at the centre of Hayfield’s Green Revolution Pledge. We welcome the new initiatives the Government is instigating to significantly reduce carbon emissions and create greener homes across the board.”

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